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This page contains a list of common issues and their solutions.

Browser Support

The viewer supports the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms that are still updated/supported.

EdgeFirefoxChromeSafari (macOS)Safari (iOS)Chrome for AndroidIE
>= 79>= 69>= 73>= 14>= 1473No support

aspect-ratio css property support

The aspect-ratio css property is not supported by a range of legacy browsers. If you wish to support them, please style the viewer the following:

cylindo-viewer {
display: block;
aspect-ratio: 4 / 3;
--legacy-browser-aspect-ratio: 4 / 3;
EdgeFirefoxChromeSafari (macOS)Safari (iOS)Chrome for Android
>= 88>= 89>= 88>= 15>= 1588